4 Amazon Kindles, 1 Apple ipad and your tax return…..

April 27, 2012

Every year I rack my brains to come up with a way to entice my clients to send their tax return information to us as early as possible.

There are lots of great reasons to get your tax return to your accountant quickly. Firstly, you can get access to your numbers quicker.  Secondly, the quicker you know your tax bill, the longer you have to plan how you will pay it.  Thirdly, it can affect the payment on account in July and in some cases decrease the tax bill OR get a tax refund.  Fourthly, if you are due a tax refund, you’ll get your hands on the money quicker if you get your tax return submitted

Anyway, lots of great reasons.  Some clients usually respond but not as many I hope.  So this year…..

If you are a client of our firm and you get your tax return information to us by 31 May 2012, you will be entered into a prize draw of 4 Amazon Kindles and 1 Apple ipad. 

I’ve already announced this through emails BUT even with the volume of people who have responded, this will be the best chance statistically to win an ipad or a Kindle that you will ever get. 

If you are not tempted by this, can I just say that the Amazon Kindle is simply the best thing I own, better than my cool car, better than my phone, better than my house (although I need my house to read my Kindle).  I usually read a book a week, the Kindle has enabled me to double that.  If you do have one, any book recommendations are welcome.

So if you don’t have one, make sure you enter the draw.  I can’t comment on the ipad, I don’t have one but everybody who does have one raves about them.

Hopefully, this will be enough to get your tax return in soon!

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