3 yipping marvellous tips from a networking dog

April 24, 2012

An interesting thing happened this morning.  I have been part of a BNI networking group for 3 and a half years and the thing that happened this morning was definitely a first for me and for most of the group.

During Andy Simpson’s 10 minute presentation (from Fast signs http://www.fastsigns.co.uk/857) on his business, a dog appeared in the room.  It was a small dog and seemingly friendly.  He (or she) appeared from nowhere and began to sniff feet and make himself known to the rest of the group.

Andy then said to the group that he was handing over his presentation to his assistant (the dog).  Of course, he was joking.  The dog was NOT Andy’s assistant.  However, I did catch up with the dog after and asked him what made him come along to the group.  He began to give me 3 top tips on networking which I found very interesting so I decided to blog them.

1. Always sniff out the referral opportunities.  There are always chances to refer people to your contacts but they can easily be missed.  Keep your nose out for these opportunities.

2. Your network could be several hundred but you really have to focus in on the people that are going to be pedigree contacts for you.  They may be similar sectors or just get along with you, but there’s no point being chums with everybody, pick the people that you think could be a referral partner.

3. Always refer in confidence.  It is barking mad to refer on to people that either you haven’t tried yourself or don’t have confidence that they are going to do a great job.  Make sure you really do know the person you are referring, iff the referral doesn’t work out, you’ll be the one that will be hounded by your contacts.

Thanks Dog for those great tips (I didn’t catch his name – if anybody knows, please email me)

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