3 days to go – to tax return D-day!

Author: Russell Smith
January 29, 2014

31 January

You’ve guessed it, its tax return deadline day.

But that’s not all.  Hopefully, you have already submitted your tax return (If you haven’t, there are some serious fines – so please get it done!).

31 January is also about paying tax.

You can actually get penalised for not submitting your tax return AND/OR not paying your income tax bill (or capital gains tax if you’ve sold something big, like a house!).

As you read this, just double check that you don’t have anything to pay.

Remember HMRC are usually after a payment of account for next year’s tax (this is triggered if your tax bill is over £1,000) so make sure you haven’t missed that payment.

If you want to pay online, try this link (you’ll need your UTR – Unique Tax Reference, a 10 digit number found at the top of your tax return).


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