Something that is very different about us than other firms is that we offer a qualified chartered accountant to all our limited company clients.

Even better, we only recruit qualified chartered accountants from big firms of chartered accountants. This means that our team have great client skills and technical knowledge with a passion for smaller businesses so that a real relationship can be developed.

You don’t get that from large firms which is why accountants want to work for us (if you know anybody let us know, by the way!).Our dedicated chartered accountants is why we have grown so much over the past number of years.

Back in the day, all accounting firms charged by the hour. This meant that every time you picked up the phone, you were charged.

The result was that clients were afraid to pick up the phone to their accountants which meant they were unable to get the best advice.

When I started the business in 2005 I immediately offered unlimited accountancy support through telephone and email on all our services. This way, we were able to build up the relationship much quicker since clients were not afraid to phone up or email for help. We believe this is the reason we have so many satisfied clients.

We have clients all over the UK. We also have great technology and software that enables us to be close to our clients and develop the relationship with them.

However, we really do like seeing people as well so from the start of our business in 2005 we offered unlimited face to face meetings so that people can just drop in when they want to and see us or ask any questions.

As far as we know, we are the only firm of accountants who offer this

Every new client gets a special telephone number which they can phone throughout the night on any day of the week to get hold of us.

If you are worried about something, we don’t want you to have a sleepless night, we would rather you get in touch with us.

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