There are 3 golden rules of selling, here’s one of them……

February 28, 2012

I got a call from one of my team today. He had just won a new client for some tax work. Excellent news, but not out of the ordinary. Until he told me that he had phoned this prospect, after receiving an email 3 months ago, a total of 7 times and had no response. He’d had no further contact other than the initial email. That’s 7 phone calls, 7 phone messages and nothing back.

On the 8th call, he spoke to the prospect and the prospect decided he wanted to become a client.

What made my team member continue to phone this prospect despite there being no sign that after the initial email he was still interested?

Because in our business, 7 times is nothing, that’s standard. My record? Try 17 times. That’s 17 phone messages over an 8 month period without a single call back or any encouraging sign that the prospect was still interested. After 17 phone messages, I get a call, within 3 days, the prospect was a new client and he actually turned out to be one of my best ever clients. Why didn’t he return my phone calls? I never asked!

I had a conversation with another guy the other week who said that he was never pushy with his prospects. Well, you know the old saying about timid sales people – they have skinny kids! I laugh at the idea of being too pushy, how can you possibly be too pushy when you have something that will really benefit the person you have met?

If you truly, truly, truly believe in what you are offering, and you honestly believe the person you are offering it really needs it, then there’s no such thing as pushy. Listen, you’ve got to know something about me – I am 25/8, constantly, without pause for breath, thinking about what we offer as accountants, I’m obsessive about telling the right people (not all people, the people who need what we have) about our services. If one of these people raises their hands and says I am potentially interested, then I am going to do everything I can to help them.

When we think of pushy salespeople, we always think about door to door commission based sales. But this isn’t sales, this is pure money motivated mind games, sales in a small business is “What you are your needs? I have something that I think can help you”, you don’t have to be pushy but to be enthusiastic, obsessional, passionate – absolutely.

For every sale you lose for being OTT, you’ll win 9 for being enthusiastic – people want to know that you believe in your product or service.

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