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Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to start your own business? Have you got a great idea but are struggling to get to grips with the day-to-day fundamentals of running a business? Are you looking to grow your business and push your company to be the best it can be? Do you need online accounting advice?

Look no further. Russell Smith’s best selling book I Can Start Your Business is the only resource you need to ensure the success of your business. Learn the secrets of starting and growing a financially secure small business from a top UK accountant and maximise your results. For only £6.99, you can unlock the secrets of business and get started on your journey towards success today.

Don’t delay — buy now and you’ll also get access to free tax, business and profit reviews worth £200, as well as a free action plan that can help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. So, what are you waiting for?

A guide for budding entrepreneurs

Setting out on a new business venture is incredibly exciting. For those brave enough to go out on their own and establish their own company, the rewards can be incredible. Having creative and financial control, increased flexibility and the prospect of being your own boss are seductive for those of us who’ve worked long hours in dark offices.

Building something up from scratch can be creative, inspiring and stimulating, but it can also be a huge challenge. It takes passion, motivation, dedication and vision to succeed in the world of business, not to mention a thorough understanding of finance, tax and accounts. It can all seem a little overwhelming.

I Can Start Your Business will help you to navigate through the complicated and often confusing world of small business finance, providing you with all the fundamental information and advice to get your business going in the right direction. Drawing on his many years of experience as a chartered accountant, Russell Smith’s must-have book compiles only the most important, useful and effective financial advice that works for all businesses. Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions?

  • Should I be a limited company or self-employed?
  • Should I become VAT registered?
  • When is my tax due and how do I set it up?
  • How do I set up the bank accounts?
  • How do I manage payments from customers and cash flow?
  • What part of business finances do you really need to understand and which parts can I ignore?

If so, this is the book for you. Written in a simple, understandable manner, learning about tax calculation, invoices financial records, VAT registration and much more has never been more accessible. This book compiles all of the online accounting advice you’ll ever need.

What will I learn?

Packed full of essential advice and guidance, Russell Smith provides a compelling and comprehensive breakdown of some of the most complex and difficult aspects of running your own business.

Learn the basics of small business finances

Understand profit margins, taxation, UK self-employment law, and other essential pieces of information from someone who’s built his own successful small business from the ground up.

Professional advice for your startup business

Learn the best way to structure your finances, increase your profits and get your business competitive from the very start, with expert advice written by professional small business accountants.

Drive your business forward

Get practical, no-nonsense advice on all aspects of business finance, allowing you to focus entirely on running and growing your company without overly complicated jargon or unnecessary information.

Regain control of your finances

Learn how to minimise outgoings, avoid unnecessary taxation and create an efficient income stream from your customers with easy-to-understand tips from an award-winning small business accountant.

Pick up our best-selling book today and start your business the right way.

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