How to do two things at once…

August 1, 2012

I have to admit, I’ve never been a great multi-tasker. 

I like to focus in on one thing at a time, one task, one project, one goal.  There is some evidence to suggest that this is a very effective way to be since the time wasted in picking up and putting down can really add to the level of concentration needed.  However, my wife would disagree with this, she being an excellent multi-tasker and able to hold many things in her head at the same time!

I remember when I was employed and I was planning to start my own business.  I would come home tired from work and know that unless I started work again on my new venture, it would never get off the ground.  My mantra then was do something every day to move myself closer to the goal.  It worked a treat although it was hard work.

Once I then left employment and started my own business it was great to have total focus on it and not be distracted.  But I quickly learnt a slightly alarming thing….

There is always a second thing to focus on.

Right now, we are mega busy with lots and lots of new clients and existing clients requiring more work.  Which is fantastic.  So again, I come home from a high energy day a bit tired, and again, I have to pick myself up and start working on the next level of business development – planning for the future. 

Unless I do this, the business will become stagnant.  We know that a business can never stand still, it is either growing or dying. 

So if you are in the position of starting your own business or about to develop a new business venture alongside your existing business – be encouraged – it doesn’t get any easier – unless you stop completely, you will always be doing two things at once.

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