Build your team to build your business

July 13, 2012

When you start your business, its all you and all about you.  You put in the hours, you meet all the customers, you do all the admin, all the finances, all the sales and marketing, you literally run the show.

Which is fine in the early days since there’s nobody else around to do it.  You are literally building your business one customer at a time.

Soon though, things get a little busy.  At the beginning there is quite a bit of time, now there is none.  You are still meeting the customers and doing the work but maybe the finances are getting a bit behind, the paperwork is piling up, quotes are taking longer to get out the door and your deadlines for work are becoming increasingly difficult to hit.

So you get an employee and suddenly its not all about you it is about other people.

At this point, you have a a choice either to carry on down the ‘people’ route or to stay as you are.  Nothing wrong with it just being you in the business but if you want a bigger business you have to get more people.

Here’s the thing though…..

Up to this point it has absolutely been you growing the business.  Now there are others.  You have a second choice.  You can either continue to grow the business and have people around you doing the work OR you can build your team to grow the business.

This is what I have seen the most successful business owners do.  They realise that they cannot continue to build the business themselves so they make a conscious decision to build the team to build the business.  For some business owners, this is alien territory since it is all about people, recruitment, HR, training, leadership, development – big, weighty areas which may have nothing to do with what your business does.

Nevertheless if you are going for a bigger business, you have to build the team to build the business.

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