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– Raise the sales invoices
– Record the sales invoices in the accounts (both the sale and the debt owed FROM the customer)
– Give the purchase invoice / expense receipt a reference number
– Record the purchase invoices in the accounts (both the expenditure and the debt owed TO the supplier)

– Record the customer receipt (both the bank receipt and the clearing of the customer debt)
– Record the suppler payment (both the bank payment and the payment if the supplier debt)

– Go through all the bank receipts and bank payments in the account and tick this off against the bank account (this is called the bank reconciliation)

– Go through the list of customers who owe money to ensure they are correct
– Go through the list of suppliers who you owe money to ensure they are correct

Through our software, bank reconciliations are much easier than they used to be.

The software has a bank feed that automatically takes all the information from the bank. The software then allows you to tick off the bank transactions with your inputted income and expenses.

We can also help you with this!

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